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Born and brought up the city of Kolkata, India, Avijit finished his Bachelors in Technology from GMIT, Kolkata, currently is pursuing an MBA from NMIMS. An entrepreneur at heart, Avijit started early. In his school he was know as the go to guy for anything related to tech, he would usually charge a fee for solving problems like assembling computers or building a website. In his first year in college, he incorporated his first company Avifa Infotech which was a BPO and an IT services firm. Currently along with Avifa, Avijit started a new venture called Regular.li, a mobile based attendance tracking and HR platform.

Other than entrepreneurship, Avijit loves travelling, photography, cooking. Being adventurous at heart, he loves to learn new things from riding horses to playing guitar.

Proud Of

Godial App


A pocket based CRM & Auto call dialing solution.

Turns your phone into a call centre. No hardware. No setup fees.

With powerful features like Voice Notes, Callback Reminders, Payment tracking and more.

Mobile Attendance App


Regular.li makes attendance tracking and timesheets simple. It shows you who’s in, who’s late and much more. The app is suited for marking attendance securely and also for outdoor salesforce tracking. Additionally, the app also allows employees to apply for leave. The attendance app can be secured using GPS and WIFI SSID, which ensure that users are inside the premises while checking in. PhotoID is ensured through a selfie on every check-in. With field tracking, It can track the location of users who travel. They can visit multiple places and the report is available on a map.

Mobile Attendance App

Avifa Infotech

What started as a BPO, pivoted to IT services and now only focuses on creating new products. Avifa is an accelerator that converts ideas into product. Solving problems with technology is the major focus. Avifa Care a division of Avifa works towards social causes in the city of Kolkata.

Mobile Attendance App


Dedicated to social work and welfare. Unocause works primarily with underprivileged children and other social causes.